Electromagnet without magnet

Electromagnet without magnet range

Our electromagnets use a cylindric shape with central ISO thread and specific plate.


  • Protection: IP65, 24 hours salt showers resistance
  • To be used from -5°C to +70°C
  • Conform with French fire norm NF561-937 1 and 2
  • CE Certificate
  • Reach ROHS2 conformity

Technical data for electromagnet without magnet

DesignationForceDimensionsRemnanceElectrical powerTensionDonwload
61150-70N2020M3<10N1.5W 24-48VElectromagnet without magnet ref 611
609+80-110N 2322M3<10N1.5W 24-48V
60450-80N2524M4<8N1.5W 12-24-48V
604+90-120N 2524M4<12N1.5W 12-24-48V
603120-170N 3032M4<15N1.5W 12-24-48V
607150-210N 3032M4<15N1.5W 12-24-48V
507+200-230N 3032M4<10N3.5W 12-24-48V
605200-250N 3232M4<15N1.5W 12-24-48V
610270-310N 3333M4<15N1.5W 12-24-48V
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